CBD & kratom

CBD and kratom
Herbal supplements to improve health and wellness are everywhere but two of them really stand out, especially in the United States CBD and Kratom run the market.

CBD & kratom, match made in heaven?

Let me briefly introduce you to these supplements, and are they a good match?

CBD and Kratom explained

CBD is made from the Hemp plant, a subsidiary of cannabis. Cannabis grows in a lot of places and is highly cultivated worldwide. (and especially among us here in the Netherlands.)


Since you’re already on our website you might know a bit about kratom, and if not read all about it in our blog “What is kratom?” for a more thorough explanation

Kratom on the other hand is made from Mitragyna speciosa, A tree in the same family as the coffee plant. Kratom is harvested in Southeast Asia, mostly in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia

Even with their obvious differences, these two planted-based products have some great similarities.

Both are known for their; Pain relieving, Stress and anxiety reducing compounds.

Since these plants are so ‘far’ apart from each other, they’re surprisingly familiar.

Kratom vs Hemp

As is stated above, Kratom is made from the Mitragyna speciosa plant, also known as the kratom tree,

CBD on the other hand is derived from hemp plants. The hemp plant is a subsidiary of cannabis, which is somewhat confusing for some CBD users.

  • Here is how we see it.
  • Cannabis stands for both marijuana and hemp plants.
  • CBD is mostly made from hemp.
  • Marijuana contains THC, the compound that provides the “high” in smoking marijuana.

Since CBD and hemp are non-intoxicating by nature. So even though some forms of cannabis (Marijuana) gets you high, CBD on itself won’t.

Let’s get back to kratom, the effects of kratom come from the compound Mitragynine, the main compound in the kratom leaves.

Compounds like these are called Alkaloids, so far there have been found more than 25 active alkaloids in the kratom leaves.

CBS is a cannabinoid, you can see the cannabinoids in CBD as the alkaloids of the hemp plant, cannabis has hundreds of cannabinoids.

Now let’s compare the two, and bullet these points down

The biology of the Kratom tree.

  • A tropical tree.
  • Originated and mostly harvested in Southeast Asia.
  • Over 25 alkaloids, with two main components Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine.
  • Used as an herbal medicine since the early 1800’s.

The biology of the Hemp plants

  • A cannabis sativa plant.
  • Originated in Central Asia, but now grows worldwide.
  • Over multiple hundreds of cannabinoids.
  • Used as an herbal medicine since thousands of years

Is CBD and Kratom a match made in heaven?

Now we know some of the basics between these two, it’s time to talk about the similarities and their differences.

Similarities CBD and Kratom:

  • Both derive from plants
  • Contain active compounds that are responsible for the experienced effects.
  • Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, helps with relieving pain, provides anti-inflammatory properties and improves the quality of sleep.
  • No* high risks when taking higher doses.
  • Very few (or none) side effects.
  • Not dangerous, when free of fillers and adulterants (Our kratom is always lab tested!)

How are they different?

As shown above CBD and Kratom have a lot in common, but what are some differences?

  • CBD works on the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain, while kratom targets u-opioid receptors in your head.
    • (opioid sounds scarier than it is, Kratom is NOT an opioid, but this is why kratom is often used for people to get rid of their opioid drug addictions, like heroin, morphine, etc.)
  • CBS is mostly sold as CBD oil, whilst kratom is most commonly sold as kratom powder or kratom powder capsules.

So is taking kratom and CBD a good mix?

As there currently is no scientific evidence that suggests on not taking CBS and kratom in combination.

Since both CBD and kratom have non-existent toxicity profiles, having few side effects, and a large crowd with enthusiastic communities, we would say; it’s up to you!

The effects of CBD and Kratom combined are:

  • Stress reduction.
  • Anxiety relief.
  • Helps to cope with your depression.
  • Pain relief.
  • Promote homeostasis.
  • Social skills.
  • Increasing your creativity.
  • And much more.

If you’d like to try adding CBD to your daily kratom routine or adding kratom to your daily CBD routine is beneficial, you could give it a try. And if it doesn’t you drop one of those!

We’re just informing, and the decision is always up to you, this is just our vision.

If you want to lnow more about CBD and its uses check out; this site.

If you’d like to read more about kratom check out our Info Hub.

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