Which kratom strain?

The favorite kratom strain differs per person, this blog will help you find it! do you like Green Malay? or the relaxing Red Bentuangie?

Which is why It’s difficult for people that are new to kratom too choose the right strain immediately.
In this blog we will explain to you what the different kratom veins and strains do. This way you will find out which type suits you best!

Are you familiar with kratom?

A short introduction to the different veins of kratom.
(If you are already familiar with the different veins, Scroll down to: What effects are you looking for?)

Introduction to the veins

There are three different veins namely:

  • White vein
  • Red vein
  • Green vein
    Each vein is unique in its own way.

White veins

Are known for its energetic effect, which is why this kratom is often compared to coffee. White vein has a relaxing effect like the other types of kratom,

but with the White vein it is mainly mental. You are more focused, and you will find that you work neatly and orderly. Ideal for a long active working day.

Red vein

Is known for its relaxing and relaxing effect and is often used for its pain-relieving effects. You can read all about this in our blog Kratom against pain.

Red vein kratom provides the most relaxing and relaxed feeling of the three veins. Perfect for relaxation after a long stressful day or chronic pain.

Green vein

Is often described as a combination of the White vein and Red vein. It is relaxing, energizing and euphoric. Relaxing and energizing may sound a bit odd, but in reality, it feels really great.

The euphoric effect makes you want to do things while you feel calm and comfortable in your head.
Read more about this in our blog; The most euphoric kratom strains.


The dosage of kratom is very important to achieve the desired effects. For example, a lower dose of Green vein provides more motivation and energy, whilst a higher dose provides a more euphoric and relaxed feeling.

What effects are you looking for?

  • Do you want to relax and forget the stress of the busy work week?
  • Do you suffer from aches or pains or having difficulty falling asleep?

The Red vein is ideal for you.

  • Are you looking for extra concentration and motivation to complete that project you are working on?
  • Are you feeling a bit tired and colorless and are you looking for something stronger than a cup of coffee? Then the

White vein is the perfect choice for you.

  • Are you a bit moody and don’t really feel like doing everything?
  • Do you want to feel good and euphoric?
  • Could you use some increased social skills?

Green vein takes care of that.


Below is an overview of all our current strains, along with the most prominent effects of each strain.


Score Graph

The graph below shows the most prominent effects of each strain.
Keep in mind that kratom dosage is a very important factor to get the desired effect.

How the graph works;

For example, a low dose of White vein is not very relaxing, but rather energetic. As you can see in the graph Red Maeng Da is praised for its relaxing effects and is also more euphoric than the other red veins. Green Malay is very strong in giving a euphoric feeling and making you feel relaxed.

For more information on dosage see our blog post on dosage.


1 Leaf = Less prominent effect but still noticeable
5 Leafs = Most prominent and excelling in this effect

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