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Kratom starter pack

Kratom starter pack

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The starter pack contains 50 grams of each of the following strains: Red Borneo, Green Malay and White Sumatra.

Starter pack
The starter pack is perfect for people who are unsure of what vein or strain to pick and want to try different veins and strains. The starter pack contains the following strains:

Red Borneo
Is the most used kratom worldwide. Red Borneo is most known for being the most relaxing kratom.
It’s great for beginners because of its calming effects.
This Red vein kratom gets its red and darker colour from the older Red vein leaves, which gives this
kratom its strong aroma and great effects.

Red Borneo works very calming, pain relieving and relaxing.
This Red vein kratom is also widely used to promote sleep.

Green Malay
Is the most popular Green vein kratom. It has its own unique character compared to other kratoms. At lower doses it enhances your energy levels and increases focus. At higher doses it provides a feeling of euphoria and sedation. This kratom separates itself from other kratoms due to its long-lasting effect.

Green Malay is a very versatile strain, at lower doses it boosts your energy and makes you sharp, whilst at higher doses it’s more euphoric and calming.

White Sumatra
Gives an energy boost in combination with mental clarity. This kratom is perfect to increase your focus and make you alert and awake. Other than that, it’s also great for pain relief and enhancing your mood. 

White Sumatra is excellent for increasing your working mood, it works stimulating and provides a clear vision on what you’re doing. 

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