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Red Bentuangie capsules

Red Bentuangie capsules

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The strongest natural sedative, with excellent pain-relieving effects.

Red Bentuangie capsules


Sit back on your couch and enjoy this vein all day. With sedative effects up to 6 hours.


Red veins are known for their pain-killing effects. This vein also gives a relaxed feeling.


This strain is perfect for it's pain-killing effect. It helps with any kind of pain.

Red Bentuangie is a specially fermented kratom, which makes it one of the strongest strains for sedation, pain relief, and mild euphoric effects. It is a rare, fermented red strain that is great in treating anxiety, improves sleeping, and is perfect for when you’re looking for that ultimate relaxation.


Red Bentuangie is the strongest strain for ultimate relaxation, it makes you feel calm and relaxed. The pain-relieving effects of Red Bentuangie are exceptionally good, surely a recommendation for those who suffer from chronic pains and sour muscles.  Because of its calming and relaxing effects, Red Bentuangie can also be perfectly used as a sleeping aid, for a good and deep night rest. 

Red Bentuangie can help you with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Libido enhancing
  • And more


The average recommended dose is between 3-6 grams. It is recommended that first time users start with a very low dose of 1 gram, and increase it as they gain experience. For more info on dosing, check out our information hub.


We use size 00 capsules and the capsules contain around 0,9 grams per capsule. The capsules are 100% gelatine. Keep in mind that capsules take a bit longer to digest than powder. The weight of the capsules is not included in the order amount.


You’ll start to feel the effects after about 20-30 minutes. The effects will last 5-7 hours. Taking additional doses within this time period can be done in order to achieve the desired effect.


Red Bentuangie is harvested in Indonesia.


What is the difference between Fermented kratom (Bentuangie) and the ‘normal’
kratom strains? 

Bentuangie kratom is fermented, but how do they do it?
After the fresh kratom has been harvested, they put the leaves into airtight bags, this way the moisture from the leaves gets preserved in the bag, which causes the kratom to ferment.

The fermentation process changes the compounds in the leaves, which increases the amount of  7-hydroxy mitragynine and changes some parts of the  7-hydroxy mitragynine, into mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, an even stronger component. After the fermentation process ends, the ‘normal’ drying process starts.
Because of this special process, the Bentuangie strains excel in their specialty:

Red Bentuangie  > Sedation
Green Bentuangie > Stimulation followed up by sedation
White Bentuangie > Stimulation 

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