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Red Bali kratom

Red Bali kratom

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Is known for giving more energy effects than other Red veins, whilst still being great in reducing pain.


Red Bali
As the name suggests Red Bali its origin comes from the Indonesian island of Bali. Red Bali is known for its calming effects. It’s also helpful at reducing chronic pain such as back pain or nerve pain. Like every other Red vein, it also boosts your mood and gives you a warm feeling. Are you feeling a bit down? Red Bali can help you through the day by reducing pain and boosting your energy slightly while still making you feel calm and relaxed.

Red Bali has milder effects than other Red veins. It gives you a slight energy boost with calming effects. The pain-reducing effects of Red Bali are great but if you are truly looking for the pain-reducing Red vein, Red Bentuangie is the best one for you. Even though the pain-reducing effects aren’t as great as the Red Bentuangie, Red Bali still gets the job done. Red Bali also acts as an energy booster which normally a Red vein doesn’t do. So if you’re searching for a more active Red vein, this is the one.

The average recommended dose is between 3-6 grams.
It is recommended that first time users start with a very low dose of 1 gram, and increase it as they gain experience.
For more info on dosing, check out our information hub.

You’ll start to feel the effects after about 20-30 minutes. The effects will last 4-6 hours. Taking additional doses within this time period can be done in order to achieve the desired effect.

Red Bali comes from the Indonesian island of Bali and is harvested there.

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