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Kratom variety pack big

Kratom variety pack big

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This variety pack is perfect for people who are unsure of which vein/strain to pick, or if you want to enjoy multiple strains. This is the perfect pack for you! (3 x 100 grams).

The variety pack
The variety pack is perfect for people who are unsure of which vein/strain to pick and want to try different strains, or if you just want to have a variety of strains for a lowered price! The variety pack contains the following:

  • Any Green vein of choice (100 grams)
  • Any Red vein of choice  (100 grams)
  • Any White vein of choice (100 grams)

Green Malay
Green Malay is the most popular Green vein kratom. It has its own unique character compared to other kratoms. At lower doses it enhances your energy levels and increases focus. At higher doses it provides a feeling of euphoria and sedation. This kratom separates itself from other kratoms due to its long-lasting effect.

Green Malay is a very versatile strain, at lower doses it boosts your energy and makes you sharp, whilst at higher doses it’s more euphoric and calming.

Green Maeng Da
Green Maeng Da is believed to be one of the strongest strains out there. It delivers a potent mix of mood and energy enhancing effects. Super Maeng Da is a mixed vein, its effects are more Green vein like, but provides similar red vein effects like pain relief and comfort.

Green Maeng Da gives an excellent energy boost, it makes you feel motivated and clear-headed. At higher doses it gives a more mellow and comforting feeling.

Green Sumatra
Provides a slight energy boost and increases your motivation, it is great for socializing and feeling more confident. Great for giving presentations and other social events.

Green Sumatra gives an excellent energy boost, it makes you more social and reduces anxiousness.

Red Borneo
Red Borneo is the most used kratom worldwide. It’s an exceptionally relaxing red kratom. It’s great for beginners because of its calming and relaxing effects. This kratom gets its red and darker color from the older Red vein leaves, which gives this kratom its strong aroma and great effects.

Red Borneo works very calming, pain relieving and relaxing.
This Red vein kratom is also widely used to promote sleep.

Red Maeng Da
Is one of the most used kratom strains and that’s for a good reason, compared to other red strains this kratom doesn’t only provide the pain relieving and relaxing effects most Red strains have, but also provides a euphoric feeling. This kratom is also loved due to its high potency.

Red Maeng Da leads to a massive upturn in sedation and calmness, it also increases your patience and gives a euphoric feeling.

Red Sumatra
Red Sumatra, this kratom is known as the mellow kratom. It’s great in reducing stress and gives a comforting feeling. This kratom gets its red and darker color from the Red vein leaves, which gives this kratom its strong aroma and great effects.

Red Sumatra is excellent for reducing stress levels and provides a mellow feeling. The ideal kratom after a long and busy working week.

White Borneo
Is comparable to Red Borneo. It has the same pain relieving and calming effects Red Borneo has, but in addition to that the White Borneo provides more of an energy boost, therefore it’s great for studying since it gives an increased and extended focus.

White Borneo kratom is famous for providing smooth energy, focus, productiveness, as well as help in elevating mental and cognitive function.

White Sulawesi
Gives a nice energy boost and a very soothing euphoric feeling. This kratom is perfect for elevating your mood and makes you feel fresh and focussed, so you can make the best of your day. Whitse Sulawesi is considered as one of the most potent White veins.

White Sulawesi is great in enhancing your mood. You will feel more positive and energetic, and therefore be more focussed. This kratom is great for relieving pain and reducing anxiety.

White Sumatra
White Sumatra gives an energy boost in combination with mental clarity. This kratom is perfect to increase your focus and make you alert and awake. Other than that, it’s also great for pain relief and enhancing your mood.

White Sumatra is excellent for increasing your working mood, it works stimulating and provides a clear vision on what you’re doing.

The average recommended dose is between 3-6 grams.
It is recommended that first time users start with a very low dose of 1 gram, and increase it as they gain experience. For more info on dosing, check out our article how to use kratom.

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