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Kratom Sample pack

Kratom Sample pack

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Not sure what to pick or what works for you? We got you covered with the sample pack (4x 25 grams).

Kratom Sample pack (4 x 25 gram)
Not sure what to pick or what works for you? We got you covered with the kratom sample pack. You can choose 4 bags with each containing 25 grams of your chosen kratom.

This way you can try out different strains without ordering big quantities. Mix together the strains you want to try and get your personal sample pack!

Gold Maeng Da
The Gold strain for lasting pain relief and euphoria.

Gold Maluku
The right strain for pain relief and helps to better your overall mood

Green Bentuangie
One of the strongest strains, possesses very euphoric and stimulating effects. You’re getting the best of both worlds.

Green Malay
The most popular green vein kratom. One of the strongest strains. Very euphoric and motivating.

Super Green
Known for its euphoric, very energetic and pain relieving effects.

Green Maeng Da
Believed to be one of the strongest strains. It delivers a potent mix of mood and energy enhancing effects.

Green Sumatra
Provides a slight energy boost and increases your motivation. It’s also great for socializing.

Red Bentuangie
The strongest natural sedative, with excellent pain-relieving effects.

Red Borneo
Known for being the most relaxing kratom. Great for beginners because of its calming effects.

Red Maeng Da
Has pain relieving and relaxing effects, but gives a more euphoric feeling than other red veins.

Red Sumatra
Known as the mellow kratom. Great in reducing stress levels and gives a comforting feeling.

Red Dragon
Is a natural painkiller which is also great in reducing stress.

White Bentuangie
The strongest kratom for a nice energy boost that helps you to focus on work or any other task you need to finish.

White Maeng Da
One of the most popular White veins on the market. Helps people to socialize easier, and gives you a caffeine-like energy-boost.

White Borneo
Very similar to Red Borneo but provides more focus and more of an energy boost.

White Sumatra
Perfect to increase your focus and make you alert and awake. It gives a caffeine-like energy boost.

White Sulawesi
This kratom is perfect for elevating your mood and makes you feel fresh and energetic.

For more detailed information about the strains you can look on the product page of each of the products.

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