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Gold Maeng Da kratom

Gold Maeng Da kratom

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The Gold strain for lasting pain relief and euphoria.

Gold Maeng Da
Long lasting pain relieving properties in combination with euphoric and calming effects. Great for relaxation and helps to ease those annoying and chronic pains. (Similar to Red veins) But this is where the gold strains excel, Gold Maeng Da will improve your overall mood, but not in an overwhelming way like for example Green Maeng Da does. It is calmer and feels mellow.

If you have never tried a Gold strain before, I would highly recommend it.
If you’re looking for a better pain relieving and more relaxing Gold vein, Gold Maeng Da is your option.

Gold Veins are great in relieving chronic and annoying pains. Gold Maeng Da is one of the more euphoric Gold veins, you will feel better and be more lively, whilst slowly taking your pains away. Perfect for people who want to feel energetic, better their mood, and above all want to get through the day painlessly.

The average recommended dose is between 3-6 grams.
It is recommended that first time users start with a very low dose of 1 gram, and increase it as they gain experience.
For more info on dosing, check out our information hub.

You’ll start to feel the effects after about 20 minutes. The effects will last 5-7 hours. Taking additional doses within this time period can be done in order to achieve the desired effect.

Gold Maeng Da is harvested in Indonesia.

The gold colour
Gold veins get their colour from the special drying and fermentation process.
The drying process takes longer than with normal strains which causes the leaves to change in colour. Most Gold veins are made from Red veins, or a blend of a Green vein and a Red vein mixture.

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