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Premium Kratom

Our premium Kratom strains are all specially modified to provide an even intenser experience than our regular Kratom strains. All of our premium Kratom strains are harvested and manufactured using a different production process. These processes include; fermentation, a longer drying process or enhanced extraction techniques. This increases the active compounds; Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymytragynine which provides a stronger effect and an intenser high.

Gold Maeng Da kratom
From: 24
The Gold strain for lasting pain relief and euphoria.
Premium kratom variety pack small
From: 37
This premium variety pack is perfect for people who want to try out our premium collection! (3 x 50 grams)
Green Bentuangie 250 gram
Green Bentuangie kratom
From: 25
One of the strongest strains, possesses very euphoric and stimulating effects. You're getting the best of both worlds.
Gold Maluku kratom
From: 24
The right strain for pain relief and helps to better your overall mood.
White Bentuangie kratom
From: 24
The strongest kratom for a nice energy boost that helps you to focus on work or any other task you need to finish.
Red Bentuangie kratom
From: 24
the strongest natural sedative, with excellent pain-relieving effects.
Green Super 250 gram
Super Green kratom
From: 23
Known for its euphoric, very energetic and pain relieving effects.
Red Dragon kratom
From: 24
Is a natural painkiller which is also great in reducing stress.
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