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In our information hub down below you can find all sorts of information regarding kratom. 

We write articles and blogposts on different subjects surrounding kratom. Our articles contain information such as: how to use kratom, dosing kratom and the pain-relieving properties of kratom. We’ve got it all covered in our information hub. Curious for more? Scroll down and enrich your knowledge about this wonderful plant. We’ll be posting more and more information but if you’re missing anything or if you’d like to read more about a certain topic let us know, or if you want your question answered right away, Reach out to us via our livechat or through our contact page.

CBD and kratom

CBD & kratom

Herbal supplements to improve health and wellness are everywhere but two of them really stand out, especially in the United States CBD and Kratom run the market.

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Which kratom strain?

The favorite kratom strain differs per person, this blog will help you find it!
do you like Green Malay? or the relaxing Red Bentuangie?

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Kratom for anxiety

Are you dealing with depression? Is it draining your energy and do you feel less motivated every day… Kratom isn’t some kind of magical plant, but it might help you cope with your depression.

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Kratom powder

How to dose kratom?

To make sure you get the desired effects and that you get the best out of your kratom experience, the dosage is everything.

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Kratom for sleep

Kratom for sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Waking up multiple times in the middle of the night and are you not really catching that deep sleep. Kratom might be the best natural solution for your sleeping problems.

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How to use kratom?

There are so many ways of consuming kratom. Dissolving the powder, making tea, tosh & wash. Which method is best for you? Find out here!

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Is kratom addictive?

Even though kratom is not as harmful or addictive as prescription painkillers, there is still a chance to become dependant on kratom. Read more to learn how to use kratom in a sensible way.

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Big kratom leaves

What is kratom?

This article provides some basic knowledge on this wonderful plant and its history. Perfect for people new to the world of kratom.

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