How to make kratom stronger?

Make your kratom experience even better by potentiating your kratom.

Kratom is a very strong and versatile botanical, that you can use in your everyday life to better and elevate your mood, boost your well-being, and feel more positive and motivated throughout the day. these effects mostly belong to Green and white veins. Red veins on the other hand can be used for relaxation and above are exceptionally good in relieving pain for chronic pains like arthrosis and rheumatism.

For more information about veins and strain check out or blog Which kratom strain?

Enhace you kratom experience

To enhance the effects stated above, you can mix kratom with several different ingredients like; fruits and spices to make it even more potent.


Potentiating your kratom powder elevates your experience, it will last longer, and the effects will be more noticeable. Which is perfect for people looking to seize their day during a long work shift.

New to kratom?

If you are new to Kratom, we would recommend reading our blog post about How to use kratom? in general, a recommended beginner dose would be anything between 1-2 grams.
Also, we would recommend starting with the more basic strains like Red Borneo or Green Malay.

If you’re looking to get that little extra out of your kratom experience potentiating is a great solution,

How to make kratom stronger?

A potentiator is an ingredient or method that makes a substance even more potent. So, you can enjoy the benefits for a longer time throughout your day or night. It increases the effects, so you’ll have to use less kratom, or enjoy it even more.

Which strains can be potentiated? Every strain can be used for potentiating.

The ingredients used for the potentiating are also good for your health. Below I’ll show you the most used potentiators.

1. Citrus juices and especially Grapefruit juice.

Including citrus juices in your breakfast is a great start of the day since they contain a lot of vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants which help you boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism

The enzymes in grapefruit juice enhance the active substance, alkaloids, in kratom. The alkaloids are better incorporated into the body.

If you like to dissolve kratom into tea or just hot water, adding a slice of lemon/lime also works great!

Another benefit of mixing your kratom with citrus juices is that it helps masking the somewhat bitter taste of the kratom. Adding 200ml of juice to your kratom works perfectly.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar.

More and more people are adding apple cider vinegar to their daily diet and for a good reason, more studies have shown the positive effects of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps smoothen your skin, lowers your blood sugar, improves weight loss, and boosts your endurance. It also contains a natural probiotic that increases digestion.

How to prepare

As some of you might already know the taste of kratom isn’t particularly tasty, but in comparison to apple cider vinegar, kratom tastes like chocolate. 😛

Due to the fact that apple cider vinegar increases digestion, it helps your body to get the full experience out of your kratom.

How to make this combination taste better.

first of all, don’t add too much Apple cider vinegar, 1 small teaspoon is enough. then add your preferred kratom dosage, add around 200mls of water and a teaspoon of honey, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper, to mask the bitter and intense flavour of the apple cider vinegar.

3. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper powder blends smoothly with kratom powder and above all, potentiates the effects. But how does it work? The cayenne pepper increases your saliva production, which stimulates digestion. and therefore, you’ll feel the effects faster and will make the effect last longer.

What are the ratios?

Since cayenne pepper is quite a strong and spicy powder, I would recommend trying it out for yourself, I would start with equal amounts of kratom and cayenne powder, so a normal* dosage of kratom is around 3 grams, therefore you need to add 3 grams of cayenne powder.

Mix the kratom and the cayenne powder with approximately 200mls of citrus juice or water, and stir it till it’s fully dissolved.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is very similar to cayenne pepper, the active substance in Turmeric is Curcumin, a very strong antioxidant.

Black pepper and Turmeric go hand in hand, the blacker pepper makes the Turmeric even more potent. Black pepper contains piperine, piperine slows the alkaloids in the kratom, which results into your body fully absorbing the alkaloids that leads to an even more potent kratom experience and makes the effects last longer.

5. Chamomile Tea

This is one of my personal favourite kratom potentiators since a lot of people already dissolve their kratom into tea, but by adding chamomile tea you will feel even more calm and relaxed.

Chamomile Tea contains antioxidants that also apply to GABA receptors in your head. Chamomile tea promotes sleepiness, and research has shown that improves the overall sleeping quality.

I would recommend using Red veins in combination with chamomile tea because you will feel calmer and improves your sleeping quality.

The perfect pre-sleep combination.
Read more about kratom for sleep in our blog.

6. Caffeine

Everyone is familiar with the effects of caffeine; you’ll feel livelier and more energetic. Coffee and kratom work especially great togetheespecially with the more energetic and euphoric White and Green veins.

Will increase motivation and will help you focus on what you really need to do. it’s also a great combination for people who experience lifelessness, and social anxieties, so you feel more comfortable in social environments.

Coffee and Kratom

Coffee and kratom actually come from the same plant family which is why these two combines so well.
I would avoid using additional sugar into the kratom and coffee mixture because that might be a little overkill for some people, for example, use artificial sweeteners like Stevia or Agave

7. Putting your kratom (mixtures) into the freezer.

One of the easiest ways of potentiating your kratom is by putting it into the freezer. By putting your kratom in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes.

This will help break the plant cells, this way alkaloids in the kratom will be released much quicker when consuming.

The freezing method works with all the 6 options stated above.

  • Mix the kratom and the grapefruit juice, and then freeze it for 30 minutes.
  • Mix the kratom and the apple cider vinegar, and then freeze it for 30 minutes.
  • Mix the kratom and the cayenne pepper, and then freeze it for 30 minutes (don’t forget to mix it with water beforehand)
  • Mix the kratom and the turmeric, and then freeze it for 30 minutes
  • Mix the kratom and the chamomile tea (cooled down), and then freeze it for 30 minutes
  • Mix the kratom and the coffee, and then freeze it for 30 minutes (add some sweeteners and you’ll have a nice iced coffee)

Do you have some more fun ways of potentiating your kratom, please let us know,
you can contact us by Whatsapp or email, much appreciated!

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