How to dose kratom?

Kratom powder
To make sure you get the desired effects and that you get the best out of your kratom experience, the dosage is everything.

There are multiple factors involved in the dosage a person needs, for example; biochemistry, body-mass and kratom tolerance, people will need different quantities to reach the desired effects.

Moreover, kratom is dose-dependent which means kratom gives different effects at different doses, for example a lower dose of Green Malay results in more focus and motivation, whereas a higher dosage gives a more relaxed and sedated feeling. That’s why it’s important to know how much kratom you’re taking in, because a wrong dosage can lead to unwanted results and to prevent that from happening we’re writing this blog!

In this blog we assume that you already know a few things about kratom. If that’s not the case, make sure to check out our blog What is kratom? And if you’re not sure which kratom strains suits you best, we’d recommend reading our blog Find your kratom strain!

Finding the perfect kratom dosage can be difficult, that’s why it’s important to know how much kratom you’re taking. This way you can adjust, when you’re not experiencing the desired effects.

There are multiple ways of dosing your kratom, but what is the most suited way to weigh the perfect amount?

Below you can find some useful tips & tricks.

The three best ways to weigh kratom!

Roughing It: Tea- or other measuring spoons.

It is one of the most used ways, unfortunately it’s not very reliable.measuring your kratom dosage somewhat regular can be done with most common kitchen utensils!

We suggest using the regular teaspoon, because this way you’ll consume about the same amount of kratom. Unfortunately, not every teaspoon is the same size, one will be slightly bigger than the other. Preferably use the same spoon every time you’re weighing your kratom, so you don’t unintendedly take too much or too little kratom.

Here are some approximations for table- and teaspoons of kratom powder into grams.

Number of grams;

  • 1 Teaspoon > 1,8 – 2.2 grams of kratom.
  • 1 Tablespoon > 6,0 – 6,5 grams of kratom.

How we fill our spoons:

Put the spoon in the kratom bag, lift the spoon from the kratom whilst pressing it to the side of the bag. This way the excess kratom falls back into the bag and the spoons will come out neat and ready for use.

The most reliable way: The scale.

This is without a doubt the most reliable way of dosing kratom, because you know exactly how much kratom you’re taking. Use a digital scale and preferably a powder scale!

Some regular kitchen scales will do fine, but they are always less reliable because they are less accurate than a powder scale. Kitchen scales tend to round up the amount of grams,  for example 2,4 grams of kratom will be displayed as 2 grams, that way you’ll be taking more kratom than expected. Powder scales give the number of grams up to 3 decimals.

But how do you properly use a scale?

  •  Make sure the measuring unit is set to the (for you) correct unit. (Grams, ounces etc.)
  •  Make sure you include the weight of the scoop/tray, put the scoop on the scale and reset the weight to 0,0 gram. Weigh the desired amount of kratom into the scoop.

A scale is simple, reliable and well worth the money.

This way you are much more aware of which amount of kratom is best for you. This way you can always adjust the amount where necessary.

Going Pro: preparing kratom doses.

When you are sure you have found the right amount of kratom for yourself. You can start preparing your kratom doses by using a scale, so you have them prepared for future use.

Some ways are:

  • Put the desired amount in reusable Ziplock bags
  • Pre-mix the desired amount in a bottle.
  • Encapsulate the kratom so you can take it anywhere, anytime.

As you might have seen we sell capsulated kratom. But that’s not your only option, weighing and capsulizing your own kratom is a good option for a lot of people. There are countless DIY Capsule machines available for around €20, this way you’ll be able choose your own capsule size! Since not everyone is that comfortable with taking capsules some people might want to have bigger capsules size #000 for example, that way you have to take less pills, but they will be ‘harder to swallow’.

The most common capsule size is #0 or #00, the capsules we sell are size #0.

Work in progress!

We are currently busy thinking of useful ways to dose your kratom easier and find safer ways to take your kratom with you. Because nobody likes a backpack full of spilled kratom.

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