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Who are we?

We are three friends with a shared passion for kratom. Kratom has helped us and so many people near us. For many people this wonderful plant helps them through their; sleeping problems, social anxiety, chronic pain, depression, withdrawal symptoms, fatigue and so much more. Kratom is a life saver for many people. When we just got introduced to kratom, there wasn’t a lot of information available. We want to clarify the misconceptions around kratom, by providing all the information directly to you.


We want to create an honest and trustworthy place to buy kratom. We want to share our passion.

We believe in a simple process. What you see is what you get. We are aiming to build an easy to use platform where everybody can buy high quality kratom for a good price. We do not sell kratom with a fancy name such as Premium Bali. We like to keep things simple and transparant. That is why we will soon include our most recent lab results on our website. That way, everybody will know what they are buying. Keeping these aspects in mind we strive to deliver the best quality kratom. Our dream is to help many more people better their life through this wonderful plant.

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